Pastor Philip Spellman, originally from Maryland, embarked on his educational journey at Christian Life College, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Ministries. His pursuit of knowledge continued at Ohio Christian University, where he achieved a Master of Arts in Ministry.

Jocelyne, hailing from Manitoba, Canada, also found her educational foundation at Christian Life College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Arts. Together, Philip and Jocelyne have devoted the majority of their lives to ministry, driven by a deep-seated passion for serving others.

Their journey led them to Harrison Hills Church in June 2011, where they initially served as family pastors. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to their calling, Philip and Jocelyne ascended to the role of Senior Pastors in October 2014, a position they currently hold with grace and purpose.

The Spellman family, a close-knit unit, includes Philip, Jocelyne, Alyssa, Bentley, Zoey, and Landry. Transplants who have come to love not only the Lord but also the church community they lead, the broader community they are a part of, and the diverse individuals within it.

The Spellmans leadership is marked by a genuine love for people and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those they encounter.